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dayton, Maine

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Harris Farm

Harris Farm Beef

At our year round Farm Store we offer our own grass fed beef (hamburger, steaks, roasts, stew beef) and veal (cutlets, chops, steaks and hamburger). Custom raised beef and veal may also be ordered. Our 100% grass fed beef cows are raised on our own rotated pastures, and during the winter are fed hay we raise here on our farm . Our veal calves nurse straight from the mother cows, and are housed inside our cow barn in large calf pens, or in the pasture during the warmer months. We use no artificial growth hormones, and raise our animals naturally.


What Makes Our Beef Different?


Our beef is the most tender and flavorful meat you can buy. Whether its a succulent loin cut like delmonico or porterhouse or our ground beef and pre-packaged patties ready for grilling you'll notice a huge difference in both flavor and texture. All our beef is processed at a small, local, butcher shop inspected for retail sale. Beef are all done one at a time in a thorough manner then aged for at least 14 days to enrich the flavor before being cut and individually packaged. Then its brought back to our farm store where you can choose from our large selection of cuts.